Thursday, August 25, 2011


It's still really nice to have some extra cash on hand and be able to do some online shopping, especially when you live in a hole. Kinda like a hole.............. NZ is so far from everywhere else that everything you buy here is a rip off.

I got some stuffs cause I had extra Gcash I could use. Very happily accumulated over the 3 years I have shopped at Gmarket. I've still got another package waiting to arrive. That one, I paid.

This time round I am quite disappointed with the shipping but nonetheless faster anyway.

Bought two skirts for the cousin and they were really cheap. Round 6900 won and 8900 won? Cheaper than the ripped off price we get in NZ. A decent lacy skirt would costs 40 bucks. Now i can get it at 1/4 of it's price?

Well... My small haul are earrings, earrings, earrings....

I keep losing mine. :( but a good excuse to get more!

The package when arrived. I knew what I was ordering and when I picked it up at the post office (My house is really inaccessible to couriers. *HORRORS*), the lady came out with this slim envelope. I was puzzled. I knew I had a small package but THAT SMALL?
LOL.Turned out it was a package that had a really similar tracking number to mine!

Super big box with virtually 2 items in it. Super light too!

My earrings. I was puzzled at first but when I looked closely, it was really nice touch with the handwritten things.

Who doesn't like freebies?

I ♥ her awesome note. Nuf said. This seller is a keeper!

this is the earring seller!

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